Writer’s bio

R. Mutharasan, who began writing in Tamil at a young age, has written more than 30 short stories, poems and hundreds of articles covering a wide range of topics.

He is the Managing Editor of ‘selliyal.com’, which he co-founded jointly with Muthu Nedumaran, who serves as its Technology architect. Selliyal.com commenced operations in January 2013 and it is Malaysia’s first and only news portal in dual languages of Tamil and English in both web and mobile-app platforms. He has written numerous articles in Tamil and English in selliyal.com on a wide variety of subjects.

“Ithuthan Muthal Rathiri” was his first Tamil book published in 1988 which was a compilation of short stories written for Tamil dailies over the years. His maiden novel “Mann Matram” written in Tamil, won a special prize at the Novel contest in 2004 jointly organized by ASTRO and Malaysian Tamil Writers Association. The novel was published on 25 April 2017 and an e-book version of the novel is available for free in this website.

Another book “Selliyal Paarvaigal” which is a compilation of articles written in selliyal.com was also published on 25 April 2017. E-book version of the book is also available for free in this website.